Pets are creatures that can be cuddled and their affection can be enjoyed by mankind. Pets are commonly being used for therapy against depression and loneliness in homes.  Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in all over the world especially in United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. But in Asia birds are considered the most favorite pets so we can say each country and culture has its own particular favorites.


Bunnies are extremely popular in different countries of the world like japan. They are famous due in large part to their vegetarian diet. Also popular in the United States and Europe for their clean and quiet habits, bunnies are extremely social and gentle animals ideal for pet owners in smaller homes. Children like bunnies more than adults.


Tortoises are simple to care for and take up very little space, which makes them highly prized in Taiwan, a country where living space and extra time is tight. Tortoises are also valued for more mythical reasons: Ancient writing has been found on the backs of tortoise shells, and keeping a tortoise is thought to bring long life to the owners. They are easy to take care and carry. They have long lives.


Iguanas are from the family of lizards. Although they appear to be scary, they are phenomenal pets. They can live upto 20 year with good care, food and shelter. Most iguanas live happily in their terrariums but since they grow, there needs to be enough space for them to move around. It loves basking in the sunlight as they are desert animal.


In all over the world especially in western world some snakes, such as the ball python and corn snake, are kept as pets. Snakes bred in captivity tend to make better pets and are considered preferable to wild caught. Snakes can be very low maintenance pets, especially in comparison to more traditional animals. They require minimal space, as most common species do not exceed five feet in length. Pet snakes can be fed relatively infrequently, usually once every five to fourteen days. Certain snakes have a life span of more than forty years if given proper care.


In Western societies, the domestic guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a household pet since its introduction by European traders in the 16th century. Their docile nature; friendly, even affectionate responsiveness to handling and feeding; and the relative ease of caring for them, continue to make guinea pigs a popular pet. Organizations devoted to competitive breeding of guinea pigs have been formed worldwide, and many specialized breeds of guinea pig, with varying coat colors and compositions, are cultivated by breeders. They have a friendly temperament with no tendency to bite. They do not jump or climb and thus have minimal caging requirements. They are easy to feed and very hardy with few health problems. Since baby guinea pigs are born fully developed, with fur, teeth and their eyes open, they are easy and fun to breed.

  1. BIRDS

Near more than four thousand years ago that birds were caged for their beauty and voices. Birds have always been associated with dinner but there are many bird species that are kept as pets. The most commonly commonly kept birds in the home as pets are the canary and parrot. Species like cockatiels, doves, pigeons, budgerigars, finches and lovebirds, can as pets with proper care but other species like the macaw are better left in the wild.


Fish keeping is a popular hobby, practiced by aquarists, concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond.  There are some 25,000 species of fish that have been discovered so far and fishing is the most popular hobby all over world. Keeping a fish has always been a favorite of people looking for pets because it brings both company and relaxation. There is a good amount of serenity exuded by the still water in which the fish calmly swims. It brings relaxation and soothes the mind. Watching slow moving fish swimming in the aquarium is relaxing for people with hyperactive minds. Kids with enormous energy levels can benefit from watching fish. Fish are popular pets because they are inexpensive to buy, cheaper to feed and do not need much space. They are also relatively clean and low maintenance pets. Goldfish are the most popular pet species in fishes.


In 1930’s, a zoologist found hamsters in the land of Syria. At that time hamsters are sending to different labs where they were successfully bred as golden hamsters. They were a bit bigger than the ones found in Syria, although they were probably the same species. In United States hamsters are most popular pets.

  1. DOGS

Dogs are the most common and most popular pet in all over world especially in Europe and United States. Dogs are immensely loyal and protective. Dog is very loyal to his master, research prove that. They are affectionate with kids and their owners. Dog are sturdy animals with very less care. Dogs are not so expensive and even dog food is not expensive. Dogs can be great with kids. You must check the breed before purchasing a pet that will be playing with the children. Some specific breeds are better than others with kids.

  1. CATS

Cats are the loveliest and popular pets in the world. If you are looking for a pet which is no require high maintenance, loves to play and gentle around children then must adopt a cat. There are many domesticated species available. Very few people know that cats would eventually become the favored pets in United States. In our list cats are the most popular pets and at number one.

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